Design Home Hack

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Design Home Hack and Game Review: Be An Interior Designer!

If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming an interior designer then you should start playing the Design Home game. It is an interesting online game where you have to compete against other players while showcasing your designing talents. The game excites many players as you can spend lots of virtual currency on decorating your room. Moreover, earning in-game currency is not easy, and this makes the game all the more engrossing but that's why we created Design Home Hack.

The game can be enjoyed on various operating systems. Read on to know more about the wonderful aspects of Design Home game as well as the reason for its growing popularity:

Interesting Gameplay:

The entire game revolves around your designing skills. You will be provided with an empty room and your objective is to style it in the way you want. Remember to give your room an awesome name, which relates to your interior design. You need to fill the empty room with several pieces of furniture and make it extremely attractive.

Once done, you have to put it for online voting. Several gamers will vote your room by comparing it with other player’s work. You will receive rewards in the form of Cash, which is the main in-game currency. Cash can be further used for decorating various other rooms with beautiful furnishings.

Easy To Play:

It is a straightforward game and a novice can understand and start playing it within minutes. Due to this reason, the gaming developers have not added a long tutorial in the beginning of the game. A quick guide on how each thing works is available, which is more than enough for gamers to connect with this gripping game.

In-Game Currency:

You will be provided with a limited amount of in-game currency in the beginning. Cash is the primary currency and Keys is the special currency of the game. You need to spend the money on buying new furniture, which can be used for decorating various rooms and buildings. Whenever you want to enter a new design challenge, you will need Keys. Cash can be used for buying new furniture so that you can decorate your rooms. Cash can be generated with Design Home Hack.

Other than Cash and Keys, Diamonds are an important currency of the game. Earning Diamonds is a daunting process, so most gamers prefer buying it with real money. Alternatively, you can use Design Home Hack for acquiring all three in-game currencies in huge amounts instantly. With the help of Diamonds, you can buy premium furniture and decorative items. You can even earn Diamonds by performing well in the various challenges.  


You will be provided with a range of challenges in the game. These are available in the game menu, which is at the bottom of the screen. The challenges keep changing on a regular basis so that you get a unique challenge each time you check the menu. This feature makes the game extremely interesting.

Each challenge that you get to complete will consist of a different room as well as a divergent interior space that needs to be decorated. Moreover, there will be some challenges wherein you need to stick to a certain style of designing. As soon as you have completed the challenge of designing the room, you are supposed to submit the design for voting. It takes around a day for all votes to start pouring in. The more the votes your design receives, the better you earn in the game!


Voting is an integral part of the game. Even though you have enjoyed spending your time in decorating the room, your entire focus will be on the number of votes that your room acquires. Higher votes will motivate you to complete the challenges in the best possible way.

Moreover, voting on other player’s designs is also an interesting gaming aspect. At the time of voting, you will be shown two designs at the same time. You need to pick the best one among them. The design that gets five different selections will be highly rewarded in the form of in-game currencies.

Listed below are some tips and strategies that you should follow for making the Design Home game simpler:

  • Spend Carefully: Even though you have plenty of in-game currency in the beginning, it is wise to spend them carefully. You may be attracted to buy several pieces of furniture for your room, but saving money for the future is also important. So, buy only those things that fit your room well and save the rest of the money for purchasing premium stuff later in the game.
  • Less Is More: Do not fill in your room with lots of furnishings. Lesser amount of furniture would also look good. Your focus should be on making the entire room look beautiful rather than dumping various things into it.
  • Check The Ratings: You have the option to check ratings of other players. You can even see the designs that are gaining more number of votes. Try to learn from those designs and create something unique by using various tips. It is advisable to check the work done by top-rated designers so that you can gain some inspiration from them.
  • Go With The Theme: You will be given specific themes in various challenges. Ensure that you follow the theme and design the room accordingly. For instance; if your theme says that you need to give a rustic look to your room, then do not use fancy-looking items in it.
  • Keep Voting: There may be situations when you run out of in-game currencies and have to wait for some time to acquire them. The best way to use this time is by voting for other players. Voting is a great way to earn Keys, which is required for submitting designs. Every five votes that you cast, you will be able to earn three Keys as rewards. So, keep earning them till you acquire some in-game currencies. Ensure that you do not vote any random room and make honest decisions.
  • Play Regularly: Design Home is a game that can be played at leisure. You should not rush your way through things, instead play steadily. Try to login daily to the game so that you can earn your daily bonuses. Earning in-game currency is not easy so you should collect your rewards each day or simply use Design Home Cheats 2019.

Overall, Design Home is a relaxing and fun to play online game. By using the aforesaid tips, you will be able to progress quickly in the game. So, let your creative juices flow through this wonderful game. It is a perfect game to enjoy during short breaks. With this game, you will be able to live the life of an interior decorator. So, use Design Home hack and play the game right away!